Proud to be working towards Planet Mark certification

Goodrich is officially working towards becoming a certified member of the Planet Mark scheme.

Our reasons…

  • We want to positively impact both planet and society in everything we do to build a brighter future.
  • To actually know what our carbon footprint is and then target a reduction of 12% each year.
  • To show that we are different from our competitors, but similar to our clients and their funding partners.
  • It’s the right thing to do!

We will be measuring not only our carbon footprint but also our social value contributions. This refers to the net social and environmental benefits generated by our team. Measuring our social value gives a holistic insight into our positive contributions to not only the environment but also to society, demonstrating our commitment to meaningfully contribute to a better planet for all.

Our social value will be measured across five categories: our people: including measures such as health and well-being initiatives, community and volunteering, donations, procurement and environmental impacts.

By being more strategic about our social responsibility, we will be able to significantly increase our positive impact and hope to encourage continual improvements within our community.

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Posted by: Sharon Dunmore

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