About Us

“At Goodrich we aim to attract and support the right people, empower employees and provide quality services”

Company Overview

Goodrich Consulting is an owner-managed construction consultancy offering expert advice in project management, quantity surveying and CDM principal designer across the industrial, multi-room, education and leisure sectors.

We offer a flexible structure that allows our people to have a clear focus on their own progression and in turn the individual needs of our clients.

Mark Plowman
extremely technically minded and his attention to detail shows in his work
Paul Riley
a proactive problem solver and communicator
Richard Davies
focused on doing what’s right and is determined to achieve high standards
Alex Speaight
confident and willing to grab new challenges and has an ability to manage a variety of different tasks
Paul Smyth
able to help other people by giving them the support they need to do their best work, emphasizing accuracy and precision
James Stanger
has extensive expertise in delivering a wide range of developments, and a logical and objective approach
Leckie Waterhouse
reliable and likes to understand all the facts before making decisions, working consistently towards a high quality output
Tony Brennan
dependable and conscientious with high expectations and a calm outlook
Duncan Taylor
focused on the task in hand with a drive for efficient results and commitment to quality
Kevin McBean
has strong problem solving skills and a no-nonsense approach, facing challenges head on
Senior Project Surveyor
Brian Gotch
has vast experience and appreciates opportunities to give advice and share his expertise
Senior Project Manager
Chris Hall
precise and diligent and has the ability to find practical solutions to complex problems
Senior Project Manager
Huw Thomas
a dependable member of the team with a deep understanding and wide range of experience
Senior Project Surveyor
Matthew Dodd
is experienced, hardworking and dedicated to the industry
Senior Project Surveyor
Mike King
has an ability for in-depth problem solving and is diligent in finding the way forward
Senior Project Manager
Dalbir Sokhi
holds himself to the highest standards and will work tirelessly and consistently to achieve a project goal
Senior Project Surveyor
Eric Plowman
strives for perfection, with a strong desire to do things correctly the first time
Senior Project Surveyor
Cris Couzens
a diplomatic communicator with a consistent approach to teamwork, and keen attention to detail
Senior Project Manager
Andy Cliffe
has a strong ability to connect and interact with others to achieve results
Senior Project Surveyor
Stephen Mercer
consistent with a humble approach to teamwork and a keen eye for quality
Rachael Lindsay
works consistently towards a quality outcome with the team firmly in mind
PA / Office Manager
Sharon Dunmore
committed to quality and is driven to contribute consistently towards the team’s success
Technical Administrator
Elsa Davis
a loyal team worker with strong empathy and an ability to connect with others
Technical Administrator
Emma Kyle
a high energy person with an ability to generate excitement and a desire to bring people together
Technical Administrator
Emily-May Hart
a warm and sociable person who reaches out to others with a friendly laidback approach
Project Surveyor
Will Jacquest
a strong team worker focused on the group’s success, not just his own. He has a great eye for quality and works consistently to achieve it
Project Surveyor
James Duffy
a co-operative person who takes pride in making a contribution to help the team
Project Surveyor
David Boulton
a reliable member of the team who works consistently to perform in a steady and predictable manner
Project Manager
Pritesh Pancha
a service oriented person who strives to meet targets and expectations
Apprentice Project Surveyor
Jacob Francis
committed and keen to pursue his aspirations of becoming a chartered QS