Logistics Facility, St George’s Park, The Football Association

Project Overview

This project is the delivery of a 10,000 sq ft logistics and grounds maintenance welfare facility at The Football Association site at St George’s Park.

The Football Association is relocating their storage facility from Stafford and is using the opportunity to re-organise and rationalise the grounds maintenance area.

They are optimising their storage solution for football kits, diagnostic and training equipment, at the same time as bringing two of the teams together.

Client Name:

The Football Association

Project Address:

St George’s Park, Burton on Trent, DE13 9PD

Project Value:

£2 million

Project Duration:

30 weeks

Key Facts:

  • The contractor will be delivering a new facility within an active compound
  • The delivery of the unit did not compromise the working of the facility, working through three active training camps for the England senior teams
  • The project facilitates early access to the warehouse to allow efficient relocation from the existing site