Freezer Extension, Speke, Bidfood

Project Overview

Internal construction and fit out of an extension to Bidfood’s Liverpool Speke existing freezer. The extension provided 9,400 sq ft of additional -25C freezer storage with racking.

Project Value:

£1.8 million

Project Duration:

24 weeks

Key Facts:

When Bidfood’s new Speke facility was built 3 years previously, a section of the building was constructed to have a frame, roof and external walls only with the internal floor etc omitted. This was to allow for a future extension to the freezer should demand necessitate its extension. Following the pandemic, demand significantly increased and in October 2021 Bidfood required the additional space for the start of the next financial year. A start on site, with quick mobilisation and procurement of long lead items was critical to the success of the project.

The Contract was negotiated and a swift commencement on site was achieved with a full turnkey solution delivered a week ahead of the new financial year in 2022.

This was all achieved without any impact on the site’s current operations and the new -25C chamber was immediately put to use when handed over.