Cure CJD

Join us for our ‘Week of Walking’ to raise money for The Cure CJD Campaign.

Goodrich Consulting & Cure CJD

At Goodrich, we are working hard to raise vital funds for the charity Cure CJD after the diagnosis of our valued colleague Leckie Waterhouse.    Leckie’s news has been a huge shock to us all, and we have endeavoured to put all our efforts into supporting Leckie and his family by raising awareness and crucial funds to support research and development of new treatments and clinical trials to help find a cure for Prion’s disease.   We have now set up a Goodrich fundraising page for those who would like to make a donation towards the charity –

With Leckie being a keen walker, we are organising a ‘Week of Walking’ from the 25th to the 29th of September, where the Goodrich team will be challenged with walking a minimum of 300 miles over the course of the week, which is the equivalent of walking from our Northampton HQ to our Birmingham, Bristol, and Newquay offices.  On Friday the 29th, the Goodrich team and their families will be meeting up to walk a final 10 miles collectively around the Cotswolds to bring the week of walking to a close.

We wanted to extend the invite to you, your colleagues, and your families to join us in our walking efforts.  We are setting up a Strava group for those who would like to get involved throughout the week and would welcome you to join us on Friday in the Cotswolds for the final walk.  There will be a light lunch provided and refreshments along the route.

If you would like to be involved, please fill out the form below to be added to the list.  Finer details will be circulated over the coming weeks.

Your support is greatly appreciated by us all at Goodrich.

The donations you make support vital research into new clinical trials so that we can find a cure for this currently untreatable disease.