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Quantity Surveying

Goodrich Consulting take cost management and value engineering very seriously and treat the Client’s money as if it were their own. The team consists of highly experienced staff who have come from both the Client and Contracting sides of the construction industry. You can be assured with Goodrich’s in depth knowledge of market forces, database of historical costs using current tendered figures, and close relationship with supply chain of contractors and sub contractors, Clients are provided with accurate budget costs which give the confidence to move forward with the project.

Goodrich have an excellent quality management and template form system for items such as cost plans, cost reports, valuations and all other relevant cost information that is provided to Clients. The systems and processes in place at Goodrich ensure that Clients are offered flexibility in terms of how cost information is reported to them, being able to adapt templates to accommodate the various reporting requirements for either internal use, or for a third party fund, which best suits business needs. Goodrich have set up an electronic tendering system via the website which enables Contractors to download the information required to accurately cost a project for Clients.

Goodrich pride themselves in providing prompt accurate cost advice as soon as any changes to the design are made or variations issued. Their experienced Quantity Surveyors actively identify areas and designs which can be altered and reviewed with a view to reducing the overall costs, without infringing on the quality of the development. The Value Engineering process is addressed at all stages of the design and build process. Where there may be alternate less expensive products available on the market, with equal performance requirements, these are put forward to Clients for their acceptance. This provides not only value for money, but more importantly increases the development’s profit margins, which ultimately can be invested back into the business.

Working alongside the Architect, Structural Engineer, Services and other consultants and specialists, Goodrich also provides advice on the optimum form of contract and procurement method, prepares all contract and legal documentation, for which a full suite of legal documentation including Letters of Appointment, Collateral Warranties, Performance Bonds and Novation agreements is produced.

It is important to Goodrich that their friendly and approachable team builds a secure relationship with Clients, the result of which is direct contact with the staff members looking after not only the Client’s project’s needs, but also their interests in terms of regular financial cost updates during the design and construction process. Where risks are identified, a rapid solution is provided, or mitigation of those risks are managed on the Client’s behalf which can save both time and money.

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